Quality / Presentation

Quality excellence, a priority
AUXIM has always regarded quality as the prime factor in its developments and products. That is why the leading names in the railway,steel-making and even aeronautics industries have remained loyal to us for nearly 60 years.

A design office constantly
… listening to your needs
Our design office designs the product you need according to your requirements and technical specifications.

… watching developments in standards
Our design office complies with current Directives and Standards. It cooperates with AFNOR, UNITOP, FIF and UNM on standardization

… aware of environmental concerns
Our design office is committed to developing products with low environmental impact (EuP - Energy-using Pro ducts directive)

ADES Technologies was certified RAQ3 & 2 (AUXIM from 1982. RAQ/2-5-84-119) and ISO 9001 ed. 2008.

We value your feedback
We constantly strive to improve our quality and service. Please take a few minutes to fill in the form.