Check valves

The benchmark for check valves 
As for high-pressure valves, the high-pressure check valves range complies with SAE 3000 & 6000 (ISO standard 6162-1 & ISO 6162-2). The SAE check valve allows assembly between flanges or flanged against a block (smooth or tapped holes). It is also possible to adapt the tapping to the needs of different hydraulic systems.

■DN: from 10 to 50 
■Pressure from 210 bars 
■Impact: ISO 6162-1

■DN: from 15 to 50 
■Pressure: 420 bars 
■Impact: ISO 6162-2

■Sleeve: phosphate-treated steel, Stainless steel (or surface treatment) 
■Valve: Steel or Stainless steel 
■Seals: Buna, FKM (Viton), EPDM. 

■Tapping from 0.5 to 5 bars in standard version, or custom 
■In-line (between flanges/tapped holes) 
■Laterally flanged impact (with or without retaining plate/smooth hole) 
■Seals at inlet and/or outlet end 

■Any type of SAE impact flange 

Type of circuit

Product benefits
■Standardized SAE connection 
■Easy to fit and remove 
■Small space requirement with built-in connections 
■High-pressure resistance (delta P maintained) 
■Manufacturer’s plate (traceability) 
■Performance over time 
■Low operating costs 
■Experience in difficult environments where reliability is required.