AUXIM CO.,Ltd is the service and commercial Division in China of ADES Technologies Group.
Certified ISO 9001 Ed. 2008, ADES Technologies aims for excellence in design, industrial efficiency and customer satisfaction. It strives to consolidate and further its technological lead. That is why innovation is central to the development of ADES Technologies.


Offering better and better performance

AUXIM CO.,Ltd components have undeniable unique selling points, including reliable performance over time, guaranteed airtightness/watertightness, manoeuvrability, ease of use and products tailored to customer requirements.
Improved performance is more particularly achieved through continuing research, our choice of efficient technical partners and subcontractors and rigorous quality control.



Skills improvement

AUXIM CO.,Ltd unique expertise stems from its highly qualified and committed staff, who through regular training and encouragement to take initiatives and share their skills do their utmost to satisfy customers.


Our values

  • ·Excellence
  • ·Reliability
  • ·Loyalty
  • ·History


Global expertise combining the experiences of specialized brands
Founded in 1948 ,Auxim has from the outset designed and developed solutions to ensure the safety of workers, equipment and production facilities in the Mining sector. Auxim’s products soon caught the attention of the Navy, railway and steel-making sectors.
Delta Delage ,formed in 1975, took over Auxim in 1993. Ades Technologies was born following this merger.
Ades Technologies was formed in 1994 to provide a global offer meeting the specific needs of each sector. Created following the merger of Auxim and Delta Delage, it combines the expertise of those leading brands, broadens the fields of application of their products and develops new solutions.
In 1998, company Raflex, specialized in low-pressure connectors for railways (according to SNCF standard STM820A), the Navy and chemical industries, joined ADES Technologies. 
In 1999,ADES opened a facility in Dalian and created.AUXIM CO.,Ltd to provide best services and high level quality products to its Chinese customers.


A global dimension measuring up to our commitments
ADES Technologies group knows the specific requirements of each sector and guarantees its customers comprehensive assistance and thorough follow-up.
In order to satisfy all types of requests, its subsidiaries and sales offices in France, Germany, China, Poland stay in close contact with its customers in each geographical area.
Its products are available on all continents. ADES Technologies’ global dimension shows in the volume of its exports (50% of its turnover) and a growth strategy targeting other geographical areas with high potential.